We the people of Shakopee don’t voluntarily contribute to the treasury. City government is funded by forced taxation and user fees. Because of this public servants must be aggressive advocates for the taxpayers – after all – who knows better how to spend your money than YOU?  I pledge to cut frivolous city spending and redirect funds where they belong: into essential services and the pockets of taxpayers.

Reuniting Shakopee

The division caused among our friends and neighbors by previous administrations is heartbreaking. Local government should focus on what it does best – providing basic services. Our city staff wonderfully maintains our infrastructure, parks, and roadways. Our law enforcement and firefighters are second to none. Shakopee residents’ angst stems from hard-working taxpayers forced to fund wealthy developers and recreational opportunities for select residents – a recipe for resentment. Government shouldn’t be picking winners and losers in the first place.  If elected we’ll end divisive recreational subsidies and focus the use of city resources on basic services which are essential for our thriving community.


I’m pro-private sector growth, not government growth. Shakopee is an awesome community! Recognizing the untapped potential, investors are arriving in droves. Unfortunately, previous administrations gave away tax incentives like candy, destabilizing the market. What solution does the current administration offer? You guessed it: more government! It’s to the point where only a sucker would develop land in Shakopee without a government incentive. That’s got to change. With growth comes growing pains. These challenges need to be managed carefully and thoughtfully.


Government incentives cause market destabilization due to premature development.  When the market demands growth developers will fill that need without the citizens of Shakopee paying their bills for them.